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Top Three Benefits of SEO for Attorneys

Top Three Benefits of SEO for Attorneys

SEO for attorney marketing is critical. Why? Because law is a niche field and therefore extremely competitive. It’s not enough to just have any routine SEO for your website and blogs. You need a qualified agency that uses SEO for attorney specific marketing to get clients to notice you, then choose your law firm over your competitors.

Let’s dive in and examine this a little closer.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice of using keywords in your online content (website, blogs, guest blogs, digital ads) to attract clients. For example, when someone needs an attorney, they are not likely to type in the name of your firm into a search engine like Google. They will type in keywords, such as “best injury attorney in Miami,” or “family law firms near me.” These keywords can be leveraged to help clients find you. Marketing firms optimize their client’s sites with the keywords that will attract the most attention.

For attorneys, however, more diligence is needed. In addition to being in a competitive field, the practices of law are varied. You need keywords that speak to your areas of specialization, and what makes your firm different. This is why SEO for attorney marketing is so important – to help you stand out not just online, but in your field and in your geographic target market.

Here are more benefits of SEO for attorneys.

1) Search Engine Friendly

The ability to be seen as quickly as possible in a search engine inquiry is of paramount importance to businesses looking to garner clientele. The keyword optimization in SEO enhances the likelihood that a client will happen upon your services. Keywords are usually in the form of brief and concise descriptions or associated terms containing approximately three to seven words apiece. Keywords like “SEO for attorney” are not long-winded, and repeated instances of the keyword phrase will increase the chance that your site will get a hit.

Using SEO is critical in today’s market. A reported 87% of smartphone owners use search engines at least once a day. The ubiquity of smartphone and tablet use over other traditional sources of information means that employing SEO for attorneys is basically a requirement for getting attention anywhere, but particularly in the legal industry.

2) Reduces Promotion Overhead

No one trying to grow a business likes to spend money, and that goes double for advertising and promotions, for which it is near impossible to get an accurate metric for the ROI. SEO for attorneys provides an alternative to hiring expensive promotions agencies, cutting out the middleman by simply exploiting the potential for the billions of keyword searches that are conducted daily by everyone, everywhere.

3) Builds Prestige Through Reputation

Optimizing for search engines means that you will rise above many websites on the internet. This means that your site will be selected from among only quality web pages and recognized businesses or brands. The more keyword hits on a search engine; the more people will think that your site is noteworthy and worthwhile to check out. That’s why SEO for attorneys is so important.

SEO for Attorneys

There is a wide market of SEO marketing cost-effective alternatives to expensive marketing campaigns of old. SEO marketing for attorneys can be done through top agencies like Attorney Marketing and Design, which specializes specifically in getting the word out for law firms on the internet. We are an award-winning SEO management service that can improve link-building and organic searches to get clients to find you faster.




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