About US



Attorney Marketing and Design is an award winning full service Internet marketing and web design company providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Maps Optimization, Responsive Web Design, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Content Management and more.

The mission of Attorney Marketing and Design is to give law firms of all sizes the legitimate opportunity to use search engines as a means for expanding their business. When handled properly, search engine optimization (SEO) allows law firms of any size to compete in almost any market. You can confide in Attorney Marketing and Design to treat your law firm with the care it deserves and provide you with the finest personal attention.

Why Choose Attorney Marketing and Design?

Honesty. We don’t take on every bit of business that comes our way just to increase “numbers”, that’s not why we’re here. We do what’s right for our clients, even if that means turning away a potential client because we don’t think a certain approach will work for them.

Remember, we’re not just another “agency”, we are consultants. We think long term and value our customers growth with their law firms. We have the mindset to do what’s in your best interest and we will guide you down the right path, making the most out of every dollar you spend with us.



Our high level of support. We are readily available to answer your calls and quickly respond to emails. Here at Attorney Marketing and Design we value our clients and strive off of providing you with the best personal attention for your company’s needs.

Most our competitors will place you in a long-term contract for digital marketing. We do not. If something is not working for you, we want you to stop. We stay on top of your advertising campaigns, review the results daily and come up with new strategies to help your law firm grow.


We can deliver the results you desire and we promise you will not be disappointed. When you call Attorney Marketing and Design, you deal with experienced individuals; experienced in every single aspect of the business. Contact us at 888.731.0234 to learn how we can help take your law firm to the next level.