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What to Consider Before You Invest Your Money in Lawyer Website Design

What to Consider Before You Invest Your Money in Lawyer Website Design

In a world dominated by cell phones and computers, people’s first actions after they discover they need a lawyer is often to start heading to search engines and checking out the websites of local lawyers. Having a visually appealing and informative website is very important for you in order to attract new customers to your practice; a slow, cluttered website may deter people from contacting you. To ensure you have a clean web design that shows you are an expert and professional, you may need to enlist the help of a lawyer website design company; but first, you need to know some basics before you invest your money to ensure you know what you are looking for.

Prepare Basic Aspects of your Website Design

There are a few basic aspects of website design that you need to know about so that you can ask the right questions when looking for a lawyer website design company to hire. Firstly, you should consider the platform that your website uses; with a good platform, website edits can become much more simple, new content can be added easily, and the site will load quickly and be easy to index by search engines. Also, understanding what information you want to be front and center on your website is important. This information can be laid out in a digital document in the form of a bulleted website map; it can just be basic main page titles you want individual pages for, such as “areas of practice”, “about us”, or “testimonials”. You don’t want your site to be cluttered, but you also want all the pertinent information clients will need to be convinced to contact you.

Producing Images and Videos to Use

For your professional lawyer website design, you’ll want to avoid stock imagery and have professionally shot images and videos showcasing your specific law practice. You can include high-resolution photos of you, your team, and your office. You should also include a few short clips on your website, promotional videos that will convince potential clients that they should come to you.

Think About the Content You Want to be Showcased

When expanding on the website map that you created for a lawyer website design company to create pages on your website, you need to decide what content will go into each section, as well as on your main page. When a potential client comes to your website, they need to immediately know what areas of law you practice in to know if you can help them. They’ll also probably want to check out your “about us” page to get to know you a bit better before contacting you. Showcase content that best represents you and your team’s personalities to have the best chance of bringing in clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization gives your website the best chance to appear high on search engine results pages, ideally the first page. If you are going to hire a lawyer website design company, you need to make sure that they have experience with SEO; otherwise, you’ll be getting a design that isn’t optimized for bringing in new customers.

Check Out Your Competitors Websites

Always check out the competition when you are making a new product, service, or website. You need to see what your competition is doing so that you can see their strengths and weaknesses; this will enable you to make your website better and set yourself apart from all the rest. Once you understand what you need from your lawyer website design, then you have the knowledge to make an informed decision when choosing a website design company for you. Click here to learn more.




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